about speak your silence

To help those affected by sexual abuse and assault move forward to live great lives.

We were founded in 2012 by Matt Pipkin, who was sexually abused by a trusted family friend at age 6. Believing he was at fault and fearing he'd devastate his family, Matt carried his secret burden for twenty years. In his mid-twenties, he finally shared his story, was overwhelmingly loved by his family, and sought counseling. Matt's counselor helped him realize and truly believe in his innate, unchangeable value and worth, which changed his life.

At Speak Your Silence, we’re focused on helping others realize their innate value and worth so that they can take the necessary steps to move forward and live the great lives they were created to live.

Meet the crew

  • Bridget Wiefels
  • Savannah Esquivel
    Communications Director
  • Matt Pipkin
    Founder, CEO
  • Juli Reed
  • Dan Harrington
  • Scott Lamm
  • Matt Pipkin

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Share your voice.
Get involved.

Currenlty, we’re elbows deeps in an awesome project geared toward helping people move forward with their lives in a self-guided way and on an ongoing basis, allowing us to help people in more ways than strictly through our (awesome) counseling program. More to come on this soon!

Beyond this, in October we’re sending our rad Outreach Manager, Bridget, along with out promotional-outreach-pop-up- shop VW bus, “Vanna White”, from Boise to San Diego to reach more people with our mission (and to get into better winter weather)! In the past year, we’ve personally engaged with 20,000 people in front of our bus, which is pretty darn awesome.

Your help lets us move Bridget and the bus to San Diego in mid-October!
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