December 13, 2016

Behind The Scenes At Our Winter Photo Shoot!

Visual storytelling is a big deal around here.

If you think about it, it’s really challenging for us to share our mission via photography.  We can’t exactly take photos of fresh water wells we’ve dug or schools we’ve built, like some of our friends at other amazing nonprofits.

This is one of the reasons why The Stitch is so important, in fact. It gives us – and you – a strong visual and an opportunity to create powerful imagery to share our mission. AND use creativity.


A couple weeks back, we got some of our loyal friends/supporters together and captured a whole bunch of great stuff! We shot a winter theme (we’ve learned that when you shoot holiday themes, the shots are no longer usable the day after the specific holiday!), which will largely provide for our next few months’ photography.

An example of short shelf life is this fun series of Jake. It’s awesome! But, we’re already a bit late with leaves. 🙂 We’ll probably sneak this series in sometime next fall though.


These are always interesting – and a lot more work than you’d probably realize. First off, scheduling that many people on that same day… never easy. Then we have to have a great venue with 1) great style, 2) a wide variety of settings, and 3) lots of great natural light. For this, we got The District Coffee House in downtown Boise (thanks, District friends for AGAIN being generous to us!). We create a long shot list of looks and styles we’d like to capture with each shot, and then we style and prep each person in the shots, all while the daylight seems to quickly burn away.

And finally, given that we’re so focused on hope and helping people realize their value and worth, this is epitomized by faces that show true joy. So, we have a lot of fun with these shoots and share a lot of laughs and silliness. Frowning simply is not allowed. 🙂


I’m always glad when these shoots are behind us, because they’re somewhat intense, hitting our whole shot list, getting a variety of outfits and looks, and managing daylight, all while also respecting people’s donated time.  But we do have a lot of fun, and I love capturing bright and beautiful shots and telling a powerful story through them. Jean and Isabelle, our incredible (and fun) photographers, do such amazing work and care so much about our mission. 🙂

So, be watching for these fun shots throughout winter, featuring our pals Jake, Sam, Jeff, Jessica, Jerusha, and even Isabelle!

We’d love for you to join in on the fun by posting your own happy and creative pics of The Stitch!  The more creative, the better.  Tag us in your shots and we might use them in an upcoming post!


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