November 23, 2016

Matt’s Chat With Jane Mosbacher Morris (The Magnificent)

Meet Jane Mosbacher Morris! She’s quite possibly the coolest cat you’ll ever meet*. She’s been a friend of mine and served on Speak Your Silence’s Advisory for a couple years now. She’s a rock star young female founder/CEO and I got to pick her brain a bit. Here’s our chat, below!  (*For actual talk about actual cats, click here after reading this interview!) 🙂   -Matt

1)  Jane, you’re one of the coolest people I know.  You launched your business, TO THE MARKET | Survivor-made Goods, two years ago and have been kicking butt ever since.  What is TO THE MARKET and what are you most excited about right now?

Thanks man! I’m super excited to have made it this far, but I know we have so much work to do! For folks not familiar with TO THE MARKET, we are a market aggregator connecting businesses and consumers to social impact products from around the world (hello gifts that give back!). We specifically focus on artisan groups employing survivors of abuse, conflict, and disease and have partners in over 20 countries, from Haiti to Afghanistan!

I’m most excited about all of our partnership expansion with both artisan groups, as well as with businesses and nonprofits that are sourcing products from us for everything from promotional swag to donor gifts.


2)  You’ve been a huge blessing to me by serving on Speak Your Silence’s Advisory for almost two years now.  I feel smarter every time I chat with you.  Why do you do it?

Aw thanks brother. I’m really inspired by your bravery so it goes both ways.  Lots of people in my life give me free advice so I’m always happy to pass on what I’ve learned!

3)  One cause you have a deep passion for is human trafficking, including sex trafficking. Months ago, at a lunch, you made a powerful point that, “There is no such thing as a child prostitute.” Why is this point so important and what overlap do you see in regard to public perception and SYS’ mission to conquer the stigma of child sexual abuse?

The “No Such Thing” campaign is an effort focused on discouraging everyone, most importantly the press, from using the word “child prostitute” or anything similar. The campaign has been championed by Rights4Girls and Mrs. Cindy McCain, among others. The argument is that there is no difference between paying to rape a child and not paying. Both are sexual abuse.

4)  I think people often get overwhelmed by the magnitude of the issues they’re passionate about.  Being a young female founder/CEO, how can one single woman empower both herself and other women around her to make real and measurable impact in the face of dauntingly large problems?

Micro-changes! If there are causes about which you feel passionate, take a baby step and make a one time donation, volunteer for a day, or experiment with a one-time purchase.  If it feels good or doable, think about how to scale it in your life.


5)  Your husband, Nate, is also a stud entrepreneur, leading Rubicon Global – what is it like having an equally passionate and driven person as your spouse?

Awesome! I’m so lucky to have such an amazing partner in life.  Nate is my best friend on the planet.  We are able to provide each other support in a way that we wouldn’t if we both weren’t entrepreneurs. Nate and his business are much farther along than TO THE MARKET so I’m fortunate to have his insight and experience upon which to draw.

6)  Although you certainly have a full plate, you’re not just a 24-hour working, hustling machine – you’re also fun!    What do you do to disengage from work and ensure that your life is balanced and multi-dimensional?

Ha! So I have you believe! I have an incredible network of friends and family that I love spending time with and it doesn’t hurt that the TO THE MARKET team is a blast. Other activities that keep me sane include nightly devotionals, listening to music (thank goodness for Pandora), and adding dreamy hotels to my bucket list.

7)  What encouragement and/or words of wisdom do you have for women who look at you think, “Gosh, I want to be like Jane?”

I would say BE YOU! We were all made supremely unique with a mix of qualities unlike anyone else. No one has ever been just like you and no one ever will! That’s pretty amazing–so own it!


8)  You rock, Jane!  What are your top 2016 Christmas shopping picks from To The Market?

Number one would be out Limited Edition Two-tone Ethical Leather Tote made by our friends in Haiti. It’s absolutely gorgeous (the pictures don’t do it justice!). It’s something just big enough to carry all the crazy things I take everywhere (notebooks, make-up, laptop etc) but also sized appropriately for an everyday bag.  Much like the white tee with the Stitch on it, it really goes with everything.

Second would be some travel accessories because I live out of a suitcase.  Leather passport covers, dopp kits, and journal covers are all on my wish list (which I can share with friends and family through our website! Hint hint).  I know I’ll have them forever!

Lastly, I would throw in some square scarves from Anchal and some long layering necklaces. The square scarves make me feel hipper than I actually am and all of the necklaces are classic with a twist.