December 31, 2016

Probably The Most Interesting Year-End Blog Post Ever! :)

Hey friends!

Here’s my favorite quote of the year from our friend Jireh in San Diego:

“The Stitch for me is the symbol of my friends, my family, my faith, and other people who are wearing it to remind me that they got my back no matter what. To remind me, that I am not alone in this journey of healing. To remind me, that I am loved, and whole again. So yes, wearing The Stitch matters to me because ‘The Stitch saved my life.’

I never expected Jireh to say, “The Stitch saved my life.”  This one blew me away.  🙂

Here’s a quick 2016 recap:

  • We were in CAUSEBOX! The Stitch kit went out to thousands of young women all across the US.
  • I got to speak at TEDxEmory and share about SYS
  • We hired our first staffer, Alanna. (THANK GOD!)
  • We were in Faithbox – thousands more got The Stitch kit
  • We turned 4
  • Our amazing volunteers donated over 1,000 hours packaging product, writing thank you’s, etc.
  • 27 people now have The Stitch tattooed (that we know of)
  • In our short history, we’ve now funded 800 counseling sessions for grantees in 24 states!


What I’m most excited about is this:  At the beginning of the year, 6,000 people wearing The Stitch.  Today, this number has quadrupled to 24,000+ people wearing The Stitch.  

Jireh, quoted above, is just one of these 24,000 people.  Imagine how many more stories there are like his, thanks to each of you wearing The Stitch and being a voice.

We have a big 2017 ahead.  Our sole focus is on multiplying the number of us wearing The Stitch.

So, here are the two best ways you can help us get there:

Thanks, friend!  Here’s to one heck of a 2017 to come!  🙂


If you’d like to make a one-time year-end donation, click here.