January 17, 2017

The Ink in Your Story

“I should get The Stitch tattooed.”

We started hearing people saying this back when The Stitch was brand new, in it’s infancy stage.  Before The Stitch kit even existed, in fact.

We remember thinking, “Wow, that’d be amazing if someone tattooed our symbol permanently, but… that’d be a lifelong commitment, so they probably won’t.”

Well, we were wrong.

We saw the first tattoo a couple years ago… and then another within about a month.  And now we seem to be seeing them all the time!

As of today, to our knowledge, there are 28 people who have The Stitch tattooed.  How rad is that?!

Whether you’re a fan of tattoos or not, I think we all can agree that it is a commitment and a powerful statement and clearly demonstrates that those who get it tattooed truly take it to heart.

That’s why when we first started seeing photos of people getting #TheStitch as a tattoo, we were absolutely humbled and blown away!

We think it’s pretty awesome.  And bold.

Stories of people getting The Stitch as their very first tattoo, about how this was a permanent reminder to them to speak their silence, and about how this was a way of showing their support and passion for those that they love, started coming our way and these words and actions have touched our hearts deeply.

To celebrate our dear friends who have decided to make The Stitch a permanent part of their story, we gathered the photos we could find of some of the tattoos that we have seen so far and wanted to share them with you. Thank you so much for making The Stitch such a meaningful symbol and for being the drivers of change – you guys are absolutely rad and we are so proud to have you be a part of our family!

Did we miss your tattoo or have you not shared it with us yet? Post about it on social using #TheStitch hashtag and tag us in it so we can add it to this collection!

To join our friends in wearing The Stitch (don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be a tattoo!) and being a voice, click here.