May 8, 2019

Reason #1234567 why Boise is the best: Treefort Music Fest

*This Treefort Music Festival Recap was written by Bridget, our Outreach Manager. We think she’s the best!

Hello! Hi! Hola!

For those who are reading and have never been to Boise, let me start off by saying…you’re really missing out. I’m not trying to give you a case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), but I’m confident when I say that Boise really is a year-round hidden gem. Can I let you in on a secret though? Boise 100%, is the best version of itself when Treefort in full swing!

Photo credit: Matthew Wordell

What’s Treefort? Great question! It’s a 5-Day music festival that was started in Boise eight years ago! There really is nothing like it. Unlike a lot of music festivals, Treefort has so many layers to it. There is Storyfort, Alefort, Kidfort, Foodfort & Comedyfort, pretty much think of anything cool, put the word “Fort” behind it and it’s probably at Treefort. Obviously, the music is the main thing and man, did they outdo themselves with the lineup this year, but the other thing that makes Treefort so cool & unique is their passion for community and bringing education to the community! This is where Speak Your Silence + Treefort made the perfect team. 

We have always wanted to get our sweet Vanna White out into the music scene, so obviously, Treefort was ideal! We knew it was a match made in heaven when Bri, the incredible nonprofit coordinator at Treefort, reached out to us and asked if we would be interested in bringing Vanna White out to the festivities! We would be fools if we didn’t say yes (and mama didn’t raise no fools), so we said YES in every possible way we could…yes, si, of course, totally, would love to, absolutely….you get the picture.

Leading up to Treefort, I was thinking through all the things I wanted to accomplish over the weekend. Eating tons of food truck food was definitely on that list (and I did that, probably more than I should have!), but my top of the list item was reaching out of towners & sharing our mission with them. If you don’t know, Treefort has a huge draw not only to Idaho natives, but to tons of people in the PNW and around the states!  There is something about music that brings people together. Because I know you all were dying to know, I am SO happy to report that I was able to check “reach the out of towners” off my list!

The bus was an attraction in itself, for obvious is reasons, which made sharing what we were all about at Speak Your Silence that much easier! I met so many incredible people from so many places; New York, California, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Texas, the list goes on & on. You know when you meet someone and you just trust that they there are going to take what you have to say to heart? That’s how I felt with all these people! I just knew that when they went home, wherever that was, that they would share about Speak Your Silence any opportunity they got and that just makes so happy!!

The cherry on the top of all of Treefort was getting to share our mission with the incredible band, Joshy Soul! I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I have never met a group of more genuine, down to earth, & kind humans in my entire life. I could tell that they were all about making a difference in the world, which made sharing our mission with them extra special! All of them even got one of our Zig-zag enamel pins and rocked them on their jackets during Treefort! It was such an incredible opportunity to get to share our mission with Joshy Soul.

Joshy Soul in front of Ms. Vanna White. We know, we were so excited too! 😉

I can hands down say that Treefort was THE BEST time I have had! If I could relive those five days everyday, I would!  There really is nothing better than sharing our mission with the people of Boise & all our friends from coast to coast!

So until next year Treefort, you already know I am counting down the days until we are reunited again!

That’s me, Bridget, having the time of my life.